NIO Cocktails x Cardamaro



NIO Cocktails and Cardamaro in a meeting that marks a new chapter in the world of mixology. The ready to share creates 4 exclusive cocktails around the only bitter based on wine and cardoons.

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NIO Cocktails continues its special collaborations in spirits generating the Box with Cardamaro, a not-to-be-missed collection of 4 signature cocktails from the encounter with Cardamaro, the only bitter based on wine and the Cardo Gobbo of Nizza Monferrato (a ‘hunched’ cardoon due to the growing method), renowned for its digestive and purifying properties.

Created in Piedmont from the old recipe of the Oenologist Home Herbalist, Cardamaro has many health properties due to the use of the cardoon, its main ingredient. It has a pleasantly bitter flavour and is suitable for all occasions, especially after meals.

Cardamaro Sour
A symphony of notes released from a union of opposites that generates a complex and fascinating taste profile. Ginger and lemon bark stand out vigorously to tone and enliven a drink destined to be distinctive.

A reinterpretation of the Americano that, although suggesting American origins, is actually the product of Italian tradition. Jubilation for the palate and a discreet stimulus to serotonin. Taste to believe.

Manhattan Cardo
An Italian-American liaison for this intriguing reinterpretation bringing the notes of Cardamaro and the Vermouth of Torino Superiore Tosti 1820 Taurinorum Reserve, two excellences of Piedmont, in the alchemy of flavours of the famous Manhattan Cocktail.

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