NIO x Selvatiq



A continuing adventure through untouched areas where we hand pick wild plants in conservative foraging to combine unique aromas of flowers and plants.

Key Ingredients:

Summer | Autumn | Winter | Spring
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Cocktail dedicated to the colours of the season. Sunlight lasts until evening, nature is lush and fruit is almost ripe. The balanced acidity of Summer makes it a refreshing cocktail giving freshness to the whole cocktail, softening the smoky energy of Mezcal. In Selvatiq Bitter The gentle sweetness of the couch grass rhizomes balances the entire cocktail, making it full, natural and refined.

Selvatiq Gin | Selvatiq Vermouth | Selvatiq Bitter | Quaglia Pino Mugo Liqueur | 27.8% | 100 ml
Cocktail dedicated to the autumn - fruit and leaves fall from the trees and plants prepare for the cold season. The only leaves left on the trees are on evergreens like the mountain pine, which gives our cocktail a pleasant balsamic quality. Autumn is a refined cocktail, where the three Selvatiq spirits, produced with flowers and wild herbs harvested in Valtellina, testimony to the biodiversity of an extraordinary area.

Di Saronno Velvet | Classic Strega Liqueur | Quaglia Liqueur with chamomile | Selvatiq Gin |Apple cider vinegar | 19.1% | 100 ml

Cocktail dedicated to the coldest season of the year, when everything is numbed by the bitter cold and nature closes in itself. Winter is a pure white cocktail that warms and invigorates with its spicy notes of dried and aromatic herbs. Centred around Selvatiq Gin which, with lime and meadowsweet flowers, gives an unmistakeable base fragrance featuring sweet, aromatic hints of pollen.

White Rum | Rose Liqueur | Selvatiq Bitter | Elderflower Syrup| Braulio | 26.1% | 100 ml

Cocktail dedicated to the spring when meadows begin to shake off the cold leaving space for flowers to blossom. Spring has delicate floral notes, intense yet deep, from the Selvatiq Bitter with its subtle sweetness deriving from couch grass rhizomes, the aromatic essence of blackberry leaves and the ample bitterness of walnut husk. Natural and wild.

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