I 10 migliori cocktail alcolici per aperitivo per serate all'insegna della mixology premium

The 10 best alcoholic cocktails for aperitifs during your mixology nights

Those for meditation, those ideal as after dinner, those that go perfectly with the meal, those that are perfect with sweets and those perfect for a barbecue. But what are the best cocktail cocktails?

It’s easy: the two terms aperitif and cocktail  comprehend great classics, but also interesting signature cocktails created by Patrick Pistolesi for NIO Cocktails.

Aperitivo all'aperto con cocktail in busta Nio Cocktails

Our list of the most loved and sold cocktails for happy hour includes:

10. Tea Sour
9. Gin Sour
8. Garden of Russia
7. Gin Proved
6. Daiquiri
5. Manhattan
4. Milano-Torino
3. Tommy's Margarita
2. Cosmopolitan
1. Negroni

The best aperitif: cocktails and ingredients

To learn more about the list of aperitif cocktails, these are the ingredients chosen by Patrick Pistolesi for our recipes – they are studied in every detail, created only with premium spirits and not perishable quality ingredients - and taste notes for each of the drinks on the table.


The ingredients of Negroni: Gin Tanqueray, Vermouth Cocchi, Bitter Campari and Angostura.

It is the king of cocktails for the typical Italian aperitif, the most appreciated (and often imitated in the world) for his delicious bitter soul. A dry and bittersweet balance of bitters that goes perfectly with the classic appetizers of happy hour because it enhances every flavor. Simplicity and legend in a single cocktail.

Negroni NIO Cocktails


The ingredients of  Cosmopolitan: Vodka Ketel One, Cointreau, blueberry syrup and organic citric acid.

A premium cocktail, a pillar of mixology that, for a long time, has been considered only a female drink (because of its pink color and its fruity flavor). It is instead the perfect drink for everyone’s aperitif thanks to the base Vodka and fruity flavor notes that counterbalance the salty appetizers.


The ingredients of  Tommy's Margarita: Tequila Jose Cuervo, organic agave syrup and organic citric acid.

Fresh and exotic, it is a twist on classic, a whimsical version of Margarita with a touch of flavor - especially thanks to agave syrup. The ideal choice for aperitifs that satisfy all tastes and palates because it conquers at the first sip.


The ingredients of   Milano-Torino:Vermouth Cocchi, Bitter Campari and Angostura.

Also in this case it is an historical Italian cocktail, indispensable, the father of many other bitters ones: created with the advent of the great Italian school of blending, it was born when there was a little choice in terms of alcohol. The union of Turin’s Vermouth and Milan’s Campari gave birth to a historic aperitif drink.


The ingredients of  Manhattan: Bourbon Bulleit, Vermouth Cocchi and Angostura.

The perfect cocktail for an aperitif - suitable for every season - comes from the warmth of Bulleit whisky and the sweetness of Cocchi Vermouth, two simple ingredients, but with a great character. Ideal for intense and tasty aperitifs.

Manhattan NIO Cocktails


The ingredients of Daiquiri: Rum Pampero Blanco, citric acid and liquid sugar. 

Many people all over the world love it, it is delicious and refreshing, it is the summer cocktail that is perfectly declined for every season. A touch of cuba for a sour, one of the most suitable cocktail categories for every aperitif.


The ingredients of  Gin Proved: Gin Tanqueray, Violet liqueur Monin, organic citric acid, liquid sugar.

It is one of our most popular signature cocktails: floral and delicate, it is characterized by unique taste notes of rose petals, almonds and Curaçao orange. A sweet caress for the palate for sophisticated happy hour.

Gin Proved NIO Cocktails


The ingredients of  Garden of Russia: Vodka Ketel One, Elderberry flowers liqueur Bols, organic citric acid and liquid sugar.

This is another beloved signature NIO cocktail, a delicious and unusual, fragrant and fresh version of Vodka Sour, with a touch of elderberry flowers. Aromatic, but with character.


The ingredients of  Gin Sour: Gin Tanqueray, organic citric acid and liquid sugar.

It is Rich and with an incomparable taste, like any sour; it is a masterpiece for the hour of the aperitif based on the sweet balance of sugar, the bitterness of lemon and the dry taste of Gin Tanqueray.


The ingredients of  Tea SourT+ tea liqueur, liquid sugar Toschi, organic citric acid.

If you love afternoon tea... wait till you taste the Tea Sour aperitif! Surprising and delicious, it is made with T+ tea liqueur entirely produced in Italy and it is a sour with unmistakable taste notes.

Choose the best aperitif cocktails by NIO  and build your box!