Le box NIO Cocktails si rinnovano: scopri i formati da 3, 6 e 9 cocktail

Boxes Nio cocktails are renewed: discover the 3, 6 and 9 cocktail formats

Spring brings many novelties to the Nio Cocktails house, starting from the new boxes with renewed design and capacity: the style and comfort of purchasing are our watchwords.

With a more practical, compact and cool appearance, the new boxes nio cocktails in Letterbox style with format from 3, 6 and 9 drinkswhich will replace - starting from April 14 - the old square boxes of 5 and 10. Let's discover the news together.


The 3 -cocktail box 3 of 3

3 nio cocktails box

Perfect for the undecided, for the curious who want to approach the world of high mixology prêt-à-porter, to make a small gift suitable for any occasion, to taste our new fresh launch cocktails or to make a small escort restock personal, the 3 cocktail box It is the ad hoc solution for a small budget or for those who love small more frequent purchases.


The 6 Cocktails box of 6

6 nio cocktails box

Ideal for making a good stock of premium drinks to be enjoyed at any time is the new one 6 cocktail box, substitute officer of the former Box of 5. to be composed by choosing from absolute must, i More classic drinks and the new ones Innovative recipes And sought, it is the perfect intermediate format for choosing in home aperitifs alone or for the evenings with few friends: shake, tear the colorful end, pour on ice and enjoy relaxation in good company.


The 9 -cocktail box of 9

9 nio cocktails box

A real and small staff "cellar" with the selection of everything you love to drink, but also the perfect choice for a cocktail party with the people you love: the 9 cocktail box It is our new more capacious format that allows you to take incette of your most loved drinks, but also to give space to some of those who intrigue you and that you have not yet had the opportunity to try. Good supply is a safe choice also for occasional drinkers for two reasons: our cocktails do not have a deadline and savings compared to the cost of the single drink is undeniable.The cost of this box coincides perfectly with the new spending threshold for Get the free shipping- which from April 14 will be € 54.

Discover all our cocktails, create now Your box nio cocktails And ... Cheers!