NIO Cocktails Barricati Box: 4 pilastri della mixology invecchiati in barrique

NIO Cocktails Barricati Box: 4 pillarsof mixology aged in barrique

Do you love cocktails with refined taste notes? Get ready to taste 4 Twist on Classic enriched by the fascinating process of aging in barrique: the  Box Barricati by NIO Cocktails brings to your personal bar all the flavor of aging in cask.

Cocktails aged in barrique are a trend that involves more and more experienced bartenders and the prerogative of the most prestigious cocktails in the world.

The patience to wait months to get a drink enriched, intense, overwhelming has allowed to explore new techniques and taste new taste notes. How does the process work?

Cocktail Box Barricati NIO Cocktails

Aging in barrique: how it works

In order to obtain elegant barricaded cocktails, we generally use fine oak barrels of very small size, usually between 2 and 4 liters, able to ensure a perfect aging yield. The smaller the cask, in fact, the faster it will transfer the right amount of tannin (polyphenolic substance synthesized in plants in particular at bark level) to the cocktail that gives unique gustatory notes.

The timing for a good aging depends on the size of the barrel: the cocktails age in one/two months in a 2-liter barrel, they will take from two to four months in a 4-liter barrel and they may even take a year for a 10-liter barrel. Once the desired level of aging has been reached - which is generally that desired by the bartender who prepares the cocktail, the barrel is emptied completely and immediately filled with a new drink.

Unless you want to try the intersection of gustatory notes, every cocktail needs its own barrel because the wood is imbued with flavors.

Cocktail Box Barricati NIO Cocktails

The Box Barricati by NIO Cocktails

Four pillars of mixology, aged in barrique barrels, make incomparable your  autumn aperitifs with even more harmonic cocktails, with a softened and rounded alcoholic tip, embellished with aromas of vanilla, caramel and spicy notes. A true tasting experience for connoisseurs, the quintessence of the art of mixing in which to immerse yourself for a happy hour, a dinner or an after dinner that envelop and warm the palate.

Box Barricati NIO Cocktails

Discover the cocktails which make unique our Box Barricati:

Negroni Barricato

As for fine wines and distillates,  Negroni which is the king of aperitifs, has been aged in cask until a mixture enriched with warm, sweet and fruity notes typical of the long passage in wood. The gustatory notes of this limited edition Negroni will overwhelm you: the typical sweetness of red Vermouth, the bitterness of bitter and the strong aftertaste of Gin are combined with the intense aromas of wood and vanilla, full-bodied and structured, obtained thanks to the aging in barrique. The result? A cocktail with a robust taste, full, but at the same time velvety and balanced.

The recipe of our Negroni Barricato includes:

  • Gin Tanqueray NO.TEN
  • Campari
  • Cocchi Storico Vermouth from Turin 
  • Angostura Aromatic Bitters 
  • and a water-drop. 


The perfect garnish for Negroni Barricato is an orange peel.

Old Fashioned Barricato

The Old Fashioned is the classic pillar of mixology which conquers whiskey lovers. It is a minimal drink, considered by IBA among the unforgettable ones and it has a very long history which dates back to New York in the end of the XIX century. Our Old Fashioned aged in oak is THE masterpiece: an intense flavour characterized by the balsamic notes of Angostura, by the spicy touch given by Bourbon Bulleit and by the sweetness of sugar which creates a delicious base.

Our recipe of Old Fashioned Barricato includes:

  • Bulleit Bourbon
  • Liquid Sugar by Toschi 
  • Angostura Bitter Aromatico
  • Angostura Orange Bitter.

The perfect garnish for and Old Fashioned Barricato is an orange slice.

Box Barricati NIO Cocktails

Manhattan Barricato

One of the most popular cocktails in the world is certainly  Manhattan, a "Whiskey base" named after the homonymous neighborhood of New York and which, over time, has established itself as an immortal classic - which often appears in many movies and TV series. This perfect mix between Bourbon Bulleit and Cocchi Vermouth becomes unique with aging in oak barrels for a touch of colour and flavour. Enveloping and full-bodied, you can’t miss it for all your relaxing evenings.

The recipe of Manhattan Barricato by NIO Cocktails includes:

  • Bulleit Bourbon 
  • Cocchi Storico Vermouth form Turin
  • Angostura Bitter Aromatico.

The garnish for Manhattan Barricato is a simple but fragrant orange peel.

Boulevardier Barricato

Another great classic is the  Boulevardier, , a cocktail for lovers of strong flavors. Our Boulevardier Barricato is even more intriguing thanks to the bitter note in the bitter that balances the sweetness of Cocchi Vermouth. A balance that leaves room and enhances the intense taste of Bourbon Bulleit, rocky and peaty. An experience that passes from the palate to overwhelm the sense of smell and that leaves enchanted.

Our recipe of Boulevardier Barricato includes:

  • Bulleit Bourbon,
  • Cocchi Storico Vermouth from Turin
  • Campari 
  • Angostura Bitter Aromatico.

Again, the perfect garnish is orange peel.

Bring the elegance of the barricade to your personal bar: fall in love with the Box Barricati by NIO Cocktails!