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The new non -alcoholic cocktails for everyone: Virgin Bitters and Lemongrass Citrus

The aperitifs in company wherever you want are indispensable but the desire for non -alcohol sometimes makes itself felt. Whether it's the friend's friend or a detox moment in view of summer, the solution is once again called Nio Cocktails: Virgin Bitters and Lemongrass Citrus are the non -alcoholic cocktails for all tastes and palates.

We are considered the experts of theappetizer And, as such, since 2017 we are looking for solutions and occasions of use that satisfy even the most demanding. So, thinking about the summer, we could only create two cocktails suitable for everyone - really everyone. Fresh, thirst -quenching, suitable for any time of the day and to drink even during the meal, the non -alcoholic nio cocktails they are studied in detail for Give you light aperitifs or afterdinner, but rich in flavor.

Let's find out in detail.

Lemongrass non -alcoholic cocktail citrus nio cocktail, envelope

Lemongrass Citrus

The Lemongrass Citrus It is the non -alcoholic cocktail for anyone who loves fragrant notes with an exotic call. Prepared with:

  • water,
  • sugar,
  • fruit juice,
  • plant extracts
  • Bio citric acid.

In this cocktail you will find:

  • thelemongrass - grass widely used in the cuisine of Southeast Asia for its decisive and citrus perfume that goes well with meat and fish,
  • Granatin for a tropical touch
  • The exclusive blend of aromatic water memento for a refined and refreshing mix.

To be enjoyed with a slice of lime like Garnish, you just have to pour it into a glass full of ice for an overwhelming tasting experience.

Try Lemongrass citrus nio cocktails

Non -alcoholic cocktail Virgin Bitters nio cocktails, in envelope

Virgin Bitters

A great desire for a bitter, but soft? Problem solved: the VirginBitters Di Nio Cocktails is the most classic of Italian bitter aperitifs, but without a drop of alcohol. Created with:

  • water,
  • sugar
  • lemon concentrate juice
  • plant extracts
  • natural aroma of gentian
  • natural aroma of ginger
  • Bio citric acid

It is an exclusive cocktail made unique by the mix of:

  • Memento, blend of aromatic waters
  • Notes of Genziana and Cardamomo
  • A delicate Sour balance
  • It is a thin spicy and fruity final.

For aperitifs that have nothing to envy to the alcoholic ones, it is ideal to be enjoyed with a slice of orange like Garnish.

Put the ice In the glass, shake the box, tear the colorful corner and pour ... Cheers! Our non -alcoholic are the best friends of your outdoor aperitifs, where you want and who you want. What about if not ... drink (IR) responsibly!

Try Virgin Bitters Nio Cocktails.