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  • serie diversi cocktail famosi nel mondo

    10 famous cocktails from the world to be enjoyed during the World Cup

    The 2022 World Cup are coming! It often does not happen to say such a thing in November, but every opportunity to enjoy a cocktail at home with friends and let yourself be entertained by a whole month of football matches is always welcome. And since many different nations will compete, why not take advantage of it to make a journey through the most drunk and loved international cocktails?

  • Come organizzare un apericena a casa: cocktail, menu e consigli per il galateo

    How to organize an aperitif at home: cocktails, menus and tips for etiquette

    What's better than organize an aperitif To spend an evening with friends full of food and good drinking?You discoverWhat to prepare for a Dinner Party at home: The most loved drinks, recipes and ideas on games, decorations and fittings. Here is our practical guide on how to organize an aperitif dinner at home.

  • tavola con candele e bicchieri cocktail con ghiaccio con scritta have a NIO halloween

    How to organize a Halloween party for adults with cocktails, games and snacks

    Ready to organize one Unforgettable Halloween party? The most creepy party is upon us and, if you also want to enter the spirit of this very good event, here are some ideas ... of the other world! From ideas for Halloween cocktails to the most frightening snacks, passing through the games and decorations, we collected some advice for an unforgettable evening.

  • primo piano bicchiere cocktail con caffè e ghiaccio con chicchi

    9 coffee cocktails to give you the charge

    From drinks to the most in vogue to the most particular ones, we present 9 of the bestAlcohol coffee cocktails Try this winter. Their rich, enveloping and delicious flavor makes them ideal to be enjoyed in the late afternoon or after dinner.

  • sala da pranzo con angolo bar su isola bancone cocktail

    Choose a minibar for the house: the advice and ideas of Nio Cocktails

    Organizing aperitifs, dinners and parties at home is easier if we can count on a comfortable minibar complete with everything: liqueurs, wines, favorite alcohol and, not to be found unprepared by any last moment guests, a selection of excellent cocktails ready To drink like those of our Mixology Menu.

  • Angolo bar da esterno: scopri come realizzarlo con i consigli di Westwing

    Angolo bar da esterno: scopri come realizzarlo con i consigli di Westwing

    Idee e suggestioni per arredare il vostro personale angolo cocktail esterno sfruttando lo spazio su terrazze e balconi oppure il fascino insostituibile del giardino con complementi e accessori di diversi stili per ogni gusto.