Cocktail based on whiskey: the ideal Christmas gift for mixology lovers

For this Christmas Nio Cocktails guides you in the search for the perfect gift for those who are passionate about the art of mixology and know how to appreciate the premium quality of the ingredients used to mix our nio cocktails, or simply for those who love to try new flavors and want to indulge in Moments of absolute relaxation even at home, as well as in its favorite cocktails.

The offer of Nio Cocktails offers many recipes based on several spirits but what we want to talk about today is whiskey.

Who is it who does not have a friend or friend, a loved one ... or even himself as a whiskey enthusiast? In short, a palate to be pampered, surprise and even delight with a cocktail directly at home, based on this spirit for the most decisive and demanding tastes?

We present the cocktails designed for whiskey enthusiasts, with a complex structure with a sophisticated character.


The whiskey chosen by Nio Cocktails for his recipes signed by Patrick Pistolesi.

The selected whiskey mixed in the nio cocktails is the bourbon, its main attribute is sweetness, with hints of fruit and vanilla. In particular, our Master Mixologist Patrick Pistolesi has decided to choose, for Nio Cocktails, the whiskey Bourbon Bulleit which presents itself on the palate with pleasant fruity notes of walnuts and a sweetness reminiscent of the maple syrup. To the smell it brings a pleasant memory of honey and in the background grass, chamomile and mint. The Whiskey Bourbon Buillet It is an absolute reference in the field of whiskey. He has his roots over 150 years ago in Scotland from an idea of ​​Augustus Bulleit and Nio Cocktails has chosen the Kentucky Straight version that over the decades has been awarded for the absolute quality of the ingredients.


But let's see the nio in detail Cocktails based on whiskey, with which you can compose a 5 or 10 cocktail box, completely customizable for a tailor -made gift, for yourself or for those who prefer:


Whiskey Sour: let's start from the origins.

The whiskey cocktail par excellence is the Whiskey Sour. A simple but versatile recipe, suitable for various tasting opportunities. A classic cocktail, with a long and fascinating history. The enveloping Bourbon Bulleit, in this cocktail, binds to the bio citric acid, which gives the drink the right degree of acidity, leaving it clear and crystalline, in absolute consistency with the modern techniques of mixology; and liquid sugar of authentic quality made in Italy.

Like any sour, it is characterized by being a simple and essential cocktail. Sour In fact, it indicates a cocktail composed "simply" by a distillate mixed with sugar and lemon. The idea was born between 1600 and 1800, when Bucanieri and Medici agreed that to combine a distillate sugar and lemon was almost a long -lived elixir, suitable for making the men of a crew over the long navigation periods.

Here are the ingredients:

  • Bourbon Bulleit 
  • Citric acid
  • Liquid sugar 

Old Fashioned. The old way cocktail in the old way from the end of the late nineteenth century, directly to your home.

Old Fashioned A true myth of mixology. It is a cocktail with an iconic and inimitable nature: the extraordinary raw material is combined with ice, sugar and soda to attenuate its strength and degrees, making it less impetuous and more suitable for being sipped during a convivial moment. Perfect cocktail for after dinner, suitable for the most mature palates, who appreciate the strong flavors, while remaining attentive to the substance. Old Fashioned It is expertly mixed "in the old way" as the name and its secret tells us is the dosing between bitter and sweet, between the strong flavor of alcohol squeezed by cereals and the cold frozen water rock.

The ingredients that Patrick Pistolesi has chosen to mix the Old Fashioned of Nio Cocktails are:

  • Bulleit Bourbon 
  • Toschi liquid sugar 
  • Aromatic bitter angostura 
  • Angostura orange bitter 

The idea of ​​Old Fashioned begins to spread in the 19th century, when Jerry Thomas He speaks in his mixology manual of the whiskey cocktail, a drink composed of whiskey, sugar, bitter and lemon zest.

It was then Colonel James E. Pepper, a great whiskey enthusiast, who spread it in the most prestigious hotels in New York, where the cocktail found his fame. From there the famous cocktail became very famous, even managing to overcome critical periods for mixology such as prohibition, coming to date.

It is a real timeless cocktail that cannot be missing in the home bar of a true whiskey lover.


Manhattan is the inevitable cocktail whiskey in your personal bar.

Another cocktail that has resisted various fashions and numerous eras is the Manhattan. Prepared with whiskey, vermouth Sweet and bitter, Manhattan is also perfect for after dinner.
Mixed for the first time in 1870 at Manhattan Club by Jennie Jerome, Winston Churchill's mother, the cocktail was a huge success and has since remained equally popular all over the world. Born in America, but soon became very popular Even in Europe, probably helped by its name which represents a perfect synthesis of the big apple enclosed in a glass.

Nio cocktails mixes it with:

  • Bourbon Bulleit,
  • Vermouth Cocchi
  • Angosting


The elegance of whiskey in a cocktail of pure lifestyle and great skill. Do you know the boulevardier?

Let's start from Boulevardier: a sweet and sour cocktail enriched by the warmth of the whiskey bourbon. In addition, we find the perfectly mixed flavors of: Vermouth Cocchi, Bitter Campari and Angostura. The history of boulevardier begins atHarry's Bar of Paris Where the historic barman Harry Mcelhone created this cocktail for Erskine Gwynne: it would then have been the latter to decree its entry into history books thanks to the quote within "Barflies and Cocktails" published in 1927. Erskine's fame derived from made of being the nephew of the magnate Alfred Vanderbilt and from having founded a monthly called "Boulevardier": The name, which derives from Boulevard (road, in French) was coined at the time to define a" road "person in the positive sense of the term.

The recipe of Nio Cocktails?

  • Bourbon Bulleit  
  • Vermouth Cocchi 
  • Bitter Campari 
  • Angosting

The Signature cocktail based on whiskey, created by Patrick Pistolesi only for Nio Cocktails.

Finally we offer you a unique, delicious and elegant cocktail: the Golden Brown. An exclusive signed Nio Cocktails, conceived and mixed by Patrick Pistolesi.

An ideal drink for the evening, with:

  • Bourbon Bulleit,
  • Monin vanilla liqueur
  • Monin coffee liqueur
  • Bio citric acid
  • Liquid sugar.

The spicy flavor typical of the bourbon, joins the sweet vanilla and finally the elegant and aromatic coffee of the coffee; it is precisely vanilla that, with its soft taste and sweet, perfectly combines the methared and slightly smoked aromas of oak wood and the bitter and pungent tones of coffee. The result is a unique, original cocktail, with a fresh vanilla perfume which, as soon as she savored, leaves the palate a feeling of heat caused both by the strong character of the bourbon and with the robust and toasted notes of coffee.

A unique tasting experience, which you can only try with Nio cocktails, impossible not to add it to your gift!



You can choose whether to compose a box with all 5 our nio Cocktails based on whiskey Or if opt for your favorites only.

The boxes are made up of 5 or 10 cocktails and are totally customizable. We are sure that finding a box nio cocktails under the Christmas tree or at the table, will leave the real lovers of whiskey openly.